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Titles and Credits Update

Update to the title sequence. This time, the sequence tells the gradual story of what once was and what the house has now become. It begins by establishing the gloomy mood of the living room, later to be juxtaposed to the same space brightly lit up by the dove's light. After the establishing shot, we slowly move to an array of photographs hanging on the walls, illustrating better times. The next image is that of a drawing hanging by a magnet on the fridge. This is Saul's drawing from an earlier memory sequence that has now been cut, in which he draws himself with his mother, and his mother adds a dove to the drawing. The shots progressively show mroe and more of the dirty house, with unwashed dishes, a toothbrush and toothpaste by the kitchen sink instead of in the bathroom, and a few other details that illustrate the desperate state of the house. It ends by establishing the rotary phone at the exit, and ultimately shows us the mirror, guiding us back to the living room, where Saul will then write the film title into the dust on the table.


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