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Reyn Feature Film Script FUNDED!

Guys, it finally happened. A green cell on the list of applications. I can’t believe it 😭

3 years after my first application, Reyn has been granted funding to write a script for the first feature film!!

A huge thank you to the jury at ÖFI Wien for giving Reyn a chance and allowing me this opportunity. It means the world 🫶 I will do my best to make you proud and create a project that gives value to both the viewers and the people who may eventually work on it when it (hopefully) goes into production!

I got the email while I was sitting on the tram and started weeping. This is only the first step but I’ve been rejected so many times before, it was hard to get up again every single time. I have my friends and you guys to thank for helping me through ❤️

☀️ What does this mean?

I am getting roughly a year to write a script for film #1, which will summarize the whole first season into a 90 min film.

☀️What then?

Lots of unknowns, this is step 1 of many. But it’s one step closer to seeing Reyn play on a cinema screen near you!!

Thank you guys for all your support this far ❤️ I couldn’t do this without you. I hope to deliver you exciting new Reyn content soon.

☀️What about the #webtoon?

No worries, everything is staying the same! A new episode every other Saturday :) Maybe more, let’s see how things go!

☀️Never give up. If you keep fighting for your goals, eventually, you’ll get there. Even if simply out of spite! If you’re reading this and you’re thinking of giving up on something that means something to you, this is your sign to KEEP FIGHTING!

I love you all❤️

Ima go cry in a corner now


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