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Layout and Prop Blocking

The apartment layout with placed props, ready for visual blocking. The props were modeled by multiple team members. I resized the walls to correspond to the room ratios that worked best in the light studies. I integrated the windows into the walls and began to add baseboards. My team-mate, Austin, took over the baseboards and added them to this final model. I also organized the files to prepare for the 3D pre-viz to make sure everyone is on the page. I organized a system of referenced master files so the prop modelers can continue to polish the props while the layout stage already begins.

The toothbrush will be placed in the kitchen to signify that Saul never enters the bathroom unnecessarily.

The mirror has to be as simple and humble as possible. It needs to be light enough for little Saul to pull, and be an important object because of the way it's used, not because of its extravagance.

This table is placed in the entrance hall, and will be part of the final scene in which Saul decides to turn his life around.


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