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Early Story

An update to the animatic. The smost significant change is adding a scene to establish the character relationships and give Saul more of a reason to be conflicted about himself. With this addition, Saul's depression is rooted in being neglected by his mother. Because she doesn't seem to love him, he can't love himself. In turn, she can't love him, because she is about to commit suicide and similarly does not love herself, in which case she can't show love for someone else. I researched the causes of depression as well as how these can be solved. If his cause for depression was neglect, then love is his way out. With this change, the ending is altered. He will see his mother's qualities in himself, as he is about to commimt the same act that she did. Because of this, he now understands her, and when you understand, you can't be angry anymore. He forgives her and finds peace in himsellf.


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