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Color Keys: Main Scenes

A concept painting to visualize the first memory, and the first time that the orange light appears in the otherwise blue and unsaturated scene. Saul stands in the shadow, minimally illuminated by the light of his memory. The main light source is the orange lamp that the dove will have previously transformed into. The colors are warm and bright, with violet shadows, yet contain some murky greens to keep an emotional and uncertain edge to the suddenly bright scene.

Exploring colors to make the scene seem gloomy and moody. I ran into the problem of having to sacrifice depth for light because objects were hard to see. We settled for a combination of both, with the turquoise overtone but returning some of the stark shadows.

The final scene in which Saul was to leave the house has been deleted from the story, but it was initially an exploration for the color of light to be entering the room from outside. The saturated yet gloomy blues contrast with the bright and possibly warm light to give the feeling of freedom and release.


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