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Anne Character Design

I explored different designs for the mother's outfit. Her character has to portray a working mother that spends a lot of time trying to earn money to pay the bills. However, she also has to be rather lower-middle class and show that she is desperate to keep her life together.

A classic working outfit for the 70's. Capri pants with a polo working shirt. I explored muted warm colors because the scene she will appear in is lit by a bright orange light, and cool colors would appear murky under it.

As a compromise, I tried a polo shirt with a long skirt. We have to keep in mind that pants are easier to animate. Although warm colors suit the scene best, a denim-colored skirt seemed to appeal to the studio, so we will ultimately go with a pink shirt and blue skirt or pants.

For variety, I explored a dress-costume as well. It has pockets for functionality and to stress the fact that she is constantly working. I tried a wider variety of hues, but still prefer the reds.


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