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Legend of Zelda  Redesign

As a team of 4, we were tasked with redesigning a video game as a pitch book.In this version of Zelda Hyrule floats in the sky in a distant future, but the hero of time must travel below to the monster- ridden surface, so that he can restore his kingdom’s energy before it falls into Ganon’s grasp. The surface world was once a haven for the technological marvel that was Hyrule, until the evil Ganon corrupted the technology of the surface, forcing Hyrule to float in the sky. With Triforce energy running low, a street rat named Link, and the governor’s daughter, Zelda, must travel to the surface to restore power to the falling city. Lorule, the remnant of the former Hyrule, has been retaken by nature, revealing the temples of the past that lie just underneath the ruined city. When Zelda’s ship falls into the temple of time, the Triforce appears on the hand of both Zelda and her stowaway, Link. A voice calls to them, telling them the blade of evil’s bane has been taken by Ganon and that they must retrieve it to reverse time and restore the former Hyrule. Link and Zelda set out to explore the temples, restoring the power of the Triforce while journeying towards the ravaged Hyrule Castle to vanquish the evil force that is Ganon once and for all.

Download our pitch packet!


Disclaimer: This project was for educational purposes only and the rights to the Zelda franchise belong to Nintendo. We did not profit from this project nor do we intend to use it for commercial purposes.

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