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Raziel's Room
This apartment stands in the middle of a small city, yet reminds Raziel of his country home. He is a student with a natural knack for medicine. He works as a part-time paramedic and aims to shine a light on the lives of anyone he comes across. He treats his own illness when necessary, but doesn’t allow it to get in his way. His IV holder is a mere nail in the wall, blending in easily with the background. His favorite comfort food is spaghetti because that is the first meal he ever learned to cook. On his days off, he plays his guitar and mixes tea to taste like the leaves from back home. There seems to be nothing missing in his life – until he finds that his memories may not be genuine. On the dining table, he analyzes photographs of himself in an unfamiliar military group he has no recollection of. He will soon learn that this safe haven had been carefully crafted to evoke his happiness.
UE4, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter
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