YOU. Paint

You Yes, you, beautiful soul that reaches for the stars with a twinkle in your eyes and doesn't settle for less than your dreams. You, the hurt and beaten but unbroken spirit, That refuses to fall. Keep standing. The winds may blow, the world may shake, the skies thunder, the universe burn. But you will give it your all. In your confined and limited world, your tree, your room, town, or continent, you may feel scarred. Weakened. There is only so much storm a leaf can take, violently pulled away from the branch it has always known as home, until it lets go, gives up, and follows the current. Don't let go. There are other leaves out there. There are over 7 billion leaves desperately trying to hold on to their tree of comfort. Unite. If the tree you grow from doesn't want to hold on to you, and is unable to move away from the storm, It's not worth it. Don't even wait for the lighting to strike you and the wind to scatter your ashes. Detach from the tree. It may feel intimidating, floating in nothingness, not having anything to grasp on to. Embrace the emptiness you feel. It's nothing more than a canvas no one has yet dared to paint on. Here - take my brush and Paint.

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